Welcome to the D’ni Art Archive


Welcome to the on-line neighbourhood of the D’ni Art Archive, a site that seeks to research, investigate, catalogue and preserve the various works of art created by the D’ni people.

As with most projects relating to the study of D’ni culture, this is an on-going project and we welcome any and all Explorers to take part should they so wish.

While the Archive of course concentrates on the art produced by the D’ni peoples, we will also be looking at that of cultures that have had contact with the D’ni such as the Bahro and the Narayani. 

Given that only a small amount of information about the D’ni was revealed when the D’ni Restoration Council was active, some theories about the intention and meaning behind works should be considered exactly that. While art is of course always open to interpretation, the Archive does try to base its theories on known facts about the D’ni and their culture, however sometimes “educated guesses” may come in to help further explain various works.

If you have your own theories on a work and would like to share them, please feel free to do so via by leaving a comment on a post, or via Twitter.

Behind the Archive

The D’ni Art Archive was started by Lehnah, an Explorer of D’ni and lover of their culture. Lehnah has taken Yeesha’s Journey and this inspired him to uncover other secrets of D’ni culture and history. With a background in the art field, the D’ni’s own artistic heritage was of course of particular interest.

(If you’d like to know about Lehnah outside of the Caver, check out his alter ego’s website, Collectorized.com.)