If you would like to begin your own journey of exploration in D’ni, or would like to learn even more about their culture and Ages than is provided within the scope of this website, here are the best resources available to you.

Myst Online: Uru Live – The best way to learn about D’ni is to visit it yourself. Here, you can find access to the Cavern and the forums provide a wealth of information from fellow Explorers.

Lost Library of D’ni – One of the absolute best resources for information about the D’ni, their culture and the Ages that have thus far been discovered by Explorers, The Lost library of D’ni was a huge inspiration for the DAA and help put a lot of the pieces together during my research.

MystAges, Guild of Archivists & D’ni Wiki – these Wikipedia-style pages contain a wealth of information on the D’ni, their history, culture an Ages. Information that one may lack, the others will surely have.

Pod Hopper’s Exploration Journals – Pod Hopper has explored much of D’ni and its Ages and all of his accounts are recorded here. While he may not update his journal terribly often, when he does it is always interesting. He has explored many of the new Ages recently discovered, so it’s well worth a look.