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Future of the Archive (OoC)

As you may have noticed, it’s been a little over two months since my last entry in the Archive. This is due to many things; work, family, moving house and the things that always seem to creep up when you don’t expect them. However, the biggest spanner in the works of the DAA – if […]

The Tomahna Tapestries

During their third adventure with Atrus, The Stranger is invited to Tomahna, Atrus and Catherine’s post-Myst home. Situated not far from The Cleft, Tomahna is something of an oasis. While The Stranger would eventually be able to visit Tomahna in its entirety, during this trip they were only able to see a small portion of […]

Day of Dancing

The D’ni Day of Dancing is an interesting celebration. The day – Leetar 21 (September 3rd) – actually marks the day the original home worlds of the D’ni, Garternay, was destroyed.

Revelations At Mysterium 2019

For those who might not be aware, Mysterium is an annual gathering of Explorers and DRC members. Starting in 2000, it takes place in Spokane, Washington, home of Cyan Worlds, Inc. 2019 marked the 20th anniversary of the event.

The Kahlo Pub Explorer Memorial

While Explorers and we here at the DAA like to focus on the grandeur and romanticism of the D’ni, the truth is there is much darkness and sorrow that surrounds both the people and the City which they inhabited.

Minkata Stones & Symbols

Minkata is a vast, lifeless desert Age. Unbearably hot during the day and frighteningly cold at night, it is an inhospitable Age that few Explorers enjoy visiting.

The Wahrk

The Wahrk was a large, whale-like creature that was native to the Age of Riven, the home Age of Catherine and Gehn’s 5th Age. It was different from most whales on Earth in that is had a large fin which rose from the middle of its head and tapered slightly as it ran down the […]

Cyan Approves of the DAA!

Big news for the DAA! Cyan Worlds has followed our Instagram account. Not only that, they think that the Archive is “awesome!” As you can tell, I’m extremely chuffed! 😀

The Maintainer Suit

Found in the second fortress in Gahreesen, the Maintainer Suits are what members of the Maintainers Guild would wear when exploring a new Age. 

Scarab Beetles

Beetles are an insect that was important to the D’ni people, although images and representations of them do not appear frequently throughout the D’ni city or many of their cultural works. Indeed, the best representations of them – as well as much of the information about them – we have came from Riven, the 5th […]


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