Yeesha Name Monogram & Bahro Petroglyphs

Throughout ones’ explorations of D’ni and its Ages, one will often come across certain  petroglyphs and symbols all of which, it seems, relate to Yeesha and her journey to discover and understand the Bahro.

Yeesha’s Monogram

Yeesha’s name monogram is comprised as her name written in D’ni letters with a repeating pattern of symbols around it. From the top centre going clockwise we have an outstretched hand which would indicate Linking; what appears to be a roadrunner referencing the nickname of “desert bird” given to her by her father Atrus, and an open book which could refer to Ages she was written and/ or her mastery of The Art. From here the pattern repeats.

You can see here how the various D’ni letters of Yeesha’s name make up the monogram. (Image originally from The Lost Library of D’ni.)

This monogram is seen in other places as well, such as in Linking Books Yeesha has gifted Explorers and other Ages in which she has left messages.

Bahro petroglyphs

The other images above show the Bahro petroglyphs relating to Yeesha. Firstly, we have a depiction of Yeesha herself, as you can see above. This appears quite commonly in areas where the Bahro have left their petroglyphs. We know that the Bahro have great admiration for Yeesha as she helped save them from their enslavement.

Then, from left to right, are the D’ni Cavern with three Bahro above it, perhaps depicting the eventual return of the Bahro to D’ni; a Linking Book with Yeesha’s monogram, perhaps again relating to her Ages and/ or skill in The Art; the volcano under which the D’ni city rests and the original entry to it and finally a spiral which may refer to the Bahro’s home Age as it is often referred to as the Spiral Age.

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