The Two Hands

Explorers of D’ni will be familiar with two hand symbols that appear throughout the Cavern and various Ages. Here, we will break down what each of these hand symbols mean.

Journey Hand

The symbol of an outstretched hand has appeared frequently throughout the Cavern and the Ages of D’ni mainly due to Yeesha’s Journey, which is where it gets its name.

Appearing on Journey Cloths left by Yeesha throughout D’ni and its Ages, this is an image that most Explorers will be familiar with. It also appears on many objects related to Yeesha’s Journey, such as the Bahro Pillars, inside Bahro caves, and Journey Doors.   

The Hand Tree

Another hand design, this more geometric design can be found throughout D’ni. It is most heavily used in the Common Library carved into the building walls and in the iron work of the railings. However, it can also be seen adorning the lamps throughout the streets of Ae’gura.

While there is no known connection between this design and the D’ni’s culture of linking to other Ages, it can be a safe assumption to make that this is indeed what the design reflects. This theory is further supported by the fact that Common Libraries held Linking Books to Ages which the D’ni public could access, no matter their class.

Ae’gura was also an upper-class district and thus the people living there would be very familiar with Linking, possibly visiting Ages very frequently. This helps explain why the design is seen outside of the Library itself.

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